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Entrepreneurship – An Approach to End the Bounds of Orthodoxy!

Good things come to those who hustle; being one of the very famous lines it stands applicable in every walk of life. Career is no exception; there are a few people who stick to social rules then there are the rest who do not walk the already taken path, Hiigher being the response of one such strong will for entrepreneurship.

Well, entrepreneurs are often welcomed with criticism and are looked down upon for choosing to work 80 hours a week for themselves instead of working for 40 hours a week for someone else. People fail to understand that 80 hours to what you love is immense happiness and tireless; well we do not blame them it’s all about the mindset and here we were the victim of “Log kya kahenge”; bring forth the mindset and perspective of people and how it affects entrepreneurs and their firms.


How do we define right or wrong? Something that is acceptable by the society and doesn’t hamper the pre-set societal rules is the right thing to do for example:

  • Become a doctor or an engineer.
  • Have an oh-so-reputed government job.
  • Follow the trail of having an easy desk job or a fetching sales job.
  • Work only in working hours.
  • Have no involvement in the business except for being an employee.
  • Ensured of a regular stable salary.

Well not all of us are Sharma Ji ke ladke and frankly, we are not even interest in such sort. We are here to put a dent on the earth. This is the mindset of the people and the world has always been stuck on that, to think and do something out of the box is very different than normal.

Everything which is different is not wrong well people do not welcome such a thought. Amidst all of that, growing becomes challenging but thrilling at the same time and that was one reason that motivated me to go for a start-up called Hiigher.

Let us now understand how entrepreneurship tried to make its way in the orthodox mentality of people.


Being a concept of divergent thinking entrepreneurship was not welcomed by people and was also under looked but did not affect the sight and vision of a young entrepreneur who wished to have Hiigher represented on the world map while acing in various services like SEO Services, Web Development, Reputation Management and more.

Hiigher then decided to take the first step up and it was welcomed with not so good response because of the people’s mentality of “sarkaari naukri – sukhi bhavishya” program the idea of digital marketing was new to the society rather terrifying.

Eventually, things did get better with people getting to know about Hiigher and are very much inspired by my story of being young yet determined to make it big in the field which has always been unknown.

Thus here we are working in an office in the heart of the city where people outside the office are trying to welcome the change and the ones in the office are busy getting this change out to the world to acknowledge and accept.