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SEO Specialist

Type: Full Time

Date Posted: 28.09.2018

Salary: No bar for deserving candidate.

Minimum Experience: 0 to 2+ Years

Location: hiigherHQ, 2nd Floor, Near Sunshine Tower, Dhanvantri Marg, Freegunj, Ujjain, (M.P.), 456001

SEO  specialist at hiigher is a post where you can be the one who runs the team indirectly as you will be the one who will analyse and review all the projects in the order of optimization of the search engines and its searches. You will be responsible in charge of raising the scales of inorganic searches also land all the pages in the rising lists of SERPS. this is on job when you will always be on the job and updates due to the dynamic changes in the trends of SEO, so if you look forward to a challenging yet intellectually satisfying we would like to meet you.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Engage in basic task of SEO analysis and keyword research facilities in order to optimise the content
  • Execute various search engine programs like webmaster tools, Google Analytics, XML Sitemaps, etc. for proper analysis on the client projects.  
  • Keep track with all the trends with all the SEO, search engine and various other social media applications.
  • Connect and communicate with other technical groups in the organisation for the project development timeline and results.    
  • An ability to get ever increasing records on inorganic searches and greater ranking in SERPs.  
  • Perform functions for the discovery of the keyword, its expansion and optimization.
  • Bridge the gap between the expenses and ROI  on the man hours devoted for the search engine optimization.
  • Optimize all the landing pages for SEM.
  • Have an idea about the competitors and about their advertising links and their profits.  
  • Capabilities to manage and juggle between plan and production to ensure that everything is on point with the search engine optimization part.  
  • Maximise and succumb to the benefits of the SEO by being able to spread, share and distribute content across the internet.

Skills & Knowledge Required

  • A needed passion for SEO and marketing.
  • An ability to think out of the box and have the attention to details all the same time.
  • Self driven and motivated to give anything but best.
  • An ability to manage time and variety of other projects.
  • Proficiency in MS Excel, Powerpoint and word.
  • An idea about HTML/CSS, website analysis and keyword tools.  
  • Friendly and optimistic approach in the organisation.
  • An attitude to safeguard the interest of the company and meet the needs of the client.
  • Abide and respect the work style, culture, rules and dignity of the organisation.
  • Monitor and conduct research and think of web analytics dashboards.
  • Prepare reports and stay updated with individual achievements and those of the organisations and create sync between the two.  
  • Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development and constraints.
  • Ability to have a critical approach on the cause and result due to seo.


  • Let your resume reflect your degree and work reflect your calibre. ( no lower limits except talent).
  • A pro in English language.


  • We have no bar on talent hence we offer competitive salary.
  • We are all work with fun with people and have special days reserved for fun like fun Fridays etc.
  • We also actively enjoy the recreation of employees and support the idea.
  • Planned and unplanned surprises and fun are our forte.

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