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From Ground Level "Zero" to "Hero" and still progressing, Learn how we did it! About Us

Hiigher™ is the trailblazer as a digital marketing start up, that chiefly works on in-house projects and provides SEO solutions. We have an uber cool office located in the heart of the city, Ujjain where the cornerstones are the growth of business and the development of employees.

We at Hiigher, pivot on the notion that great businesses are the result of innovation and innovators and our love for work has brought us here. We aim at taking over the world with high hopes and Hiigher efforts. So be the part of our journey and lets outreach the stars! 

The Hiigher's Timeline

The journey to acme was started by a one man army lad, who is now a respected founder and CEO of the company Mr. Neeraj Jivnani. He started blogging when he was 13, back then in 2011.


A step towards passion


First mega milestone

He took a leap of faith and achieved a milestone when he bought the domain name WikiInside.com which was listed amongst 100K websites globally by alexa.

The young lad became an entrepreneur and founded the first ever startup Hiigher in a divine city of Madhya Pradesh.

July 30, 2017

Hiigher was founded

August 23, 2017

Founded Hindi Sahayta, the flagship project

Running more than 10+ inhouse project, the first ever flagship project Hindi Sahayta in the native language was founded and has been an immense success since then.

We are going and getting better each day and the result of that is we are now a team of 20+ employees all determined and satisfied.

January 20, 2018

We grew to 20+


Working for a brighter tomorrow

We are here together on a symbiotic mode of development of Hiigher and greater employee growth, we now aim to reach the stars and there is no looking back.

Who We Are?

We at Hiigher are the regiment of interesting, enthusiastic and earnest people, we do all the work like we are having fun.

Our love for work makes us happening and keeps us happy. We work to provide SEO solutions to the world and run various in-house projects.

Learning and growing together, being together in thick and thin makes the Hiigher family an exemplification of a big fat Indian family. It might also amuse you to know that the founder of our family is the youngest in the firm i.e. Mr. Neeraj Jivnani.

We're on a Mission

Yes, we are on a mission! A mission to make tomorrow better, a mission to take over the world while based in a city known for its Temples and Sacredness.

We are on a mission to provide digital and SEO solutions to the world with the utmost efficiency.

We at Hiigher with the presence of the creative minds and innovative ideas just wish to get higher and then the highest, because we don’t compete with the world we compete with us and strive harder.

How You Can Work with Us?

Be the part of our journey and let’s outreach the stars. Hiigher always welcomes dedicated and creative workforce in order to achieve newer avenues.

We are always open to newer talents; know more about the same in the careers option not just that we are also open to serve you at beck and call and you can know more about the same in our services column.

What We Do?

We are a bunch of people for whom work is fun and we enjoy it way so much all day.

We specialise in various services like SEO, Traffic management, digital marketing, social marketing and reputation management, etc.

Hence we cordially invite you to give us a chance and let us serve the best of what we do.

What Makes Us Successful?


Code of conduct is what keeps us going when we are here to perform to our fullest; we here practice discipline and adhere to values that helps us grow.


Being drawn to what we do and do it in the right direction is our motive for success. Hence we call ourselves focused and a little flawed to be anything but the best.


It all starts with an idea and vision, our founder Mr. Neeraj Jivnani had an idea to built a foundation that provides digital marketing solutions worldwide and we are on it.


In a vision to get better each day and to be more accessible to the opportunities and setbacks of the future we at hiigher are conducive to work together.


Like they say we do it with passion or we just don’t do anything at all. At, Hiigher it is always about the dedication and fervour that keeps us going and growing.


In order to give nothing but the best we are always on the go to provide our top notch services and in turn give a tad bit of ours in the global digitalisation regime.

Our Team

Neeraj Jivnani

CEO & Founder

Gaurav Arya

Recruitment Manager

See Yourself Here

You can Count Yourself as a part of Us and We Welcome You to Get on Board! Head over to Career Page for More Opportunities.